2,000 Cardano Dragonz Minted

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6,000 Unique Dragonz

Hand-drawn from scratch by our truly skilled artist. There will only exist a maximum of 6,000 algorithmically generated, unique, wild dragon NFTs in Cardano. Divided into 2 seasons.

Team Information

Artist: Black Dragon
Dev: Elder Dragon & Necromancerx
Admin: Dragon King
Moderator: legrand matador & WolfxHavoc

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Dragons of Assiel

In the far lands of Eukara, a place for peace, hope, freedom, and life, suddenly vanished. A tragedy caused by a man's greed. There is a forbidden scroll hidden at the Mountains of Assiel (King of All Dragons); some say the scroll contains the key to immortality; most men believe it has the power anyone could ever imagine; others say it's just a scroll. As the peaceful days have passed, a man named Nehem reached his goals; at the top of the Mountain Assiel, a temple left in ruins emerges.

The man continued his search for the scroll; as he climbed up to the temple, thunderous noises began to startle him, but his determination and courage to become more than an ordinary man endured; as he reached the peak of the temple, he saw what he wanted the most.

The Sacred Scrolls of Assiel the key for everyman’s dream; as he reached out his hands to get the scroll, a sudden bright light struck his eyes, and a monstrous voice started to speak "Leave!", but the man still extended his arms to touch the scroll, a man's flesh feels the sacred scroll. The whole land started to stumble, structures destroyed, lands split, waters rises, and the Mountain of Assiel began to float, separated from the grounds of the mortal, the man vanished into thin air, the clouds engulfed the mountain, Monstrous and thunderous roars started to be heard at all the Lands of Eukara. "Dragons!" a man shouts; the dragons imprisoned inside the mountain of Assiel emerge.

Join the Dragons on their journey on protecting the Sacred Scroll! (This means buy our dragons)


SEP 2021

Start Art Concept & Creation


Twitter Launch


Discord Launch

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Start Website Development


OCT 2021

Website v1 release

Get Verified on Secondary Market &

Develop NFT Vending Machine


Hire Moderators from the Community


Finishing touches on the art


Drop of Season 1 Cardano Dragonz (3,000 Dragonz)

Oct 23, 2021 19:00 UTC

Support for rarity
Support floor and recently-sold bot
Cardano Dragonz Holder Exclusive Discord Channel


Discord Wallet Integration

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NOV 2021

Discord & Wallet Integration on Website

Coming Soon...

Draw new traits and 10 additional Legendary Dragonz on Season 2


Season 2 Drop (additional 3,000 Dragonz)

Discounted for S1 Dragonz holders

More Cardano Dragonz Events


DAO Creation

After Secondary Market supports royalties (Details TBA)

Preparation for Dragon Eggz and Toddlers Collection


Dragon Eggz and Toddlers Sneak Peek


Support Smart Contract


More CNFT Project Collaboration


DEC 2021

Drop of Dragon Eggz


Dragon Eggz can be hatched into a Dragon Toddlers!


More Raffles and giveaways!


Q1 2022

Preparation for Mutated Dragonz


Release of Mutated Dragonz

Burning Mechanics TBA

More Cardano Dragonz Events


Preparation for Human Race


Q2-Q3 2022

Reveal of human race rooting for the Sacred Scroll.


Human race collection drop

Burning Mechanics TBA

Game Development Start


Q4 2022

Game Beta Test Launch